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Donate to the Jericho Project

The Jericho project is a "501 (c)(3)" and is registered with the Illinois Attorney General's office as a charity and the Secratery of State's office as a tax exempt organization

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Help someone get back on their feet today, please donate any amount you can to The Jericho Project. Thank you for your generosity!


Four Ways to Donate and Support

1. A One-Time, or Returning-at-Your Financial Ability, Method Simply click the Donate button above

You will be directed to our PayPal page where you may type in donation amount.


2. Establish a Monthly Sustaining Donation

You can easily arrange to have funds sent directly to The Jericho Project on a monthly basis. These funds can be automatically transferred from your credit card or bank account.


                          Click link here:






Please email completed form to


3. Payment of Regularly Occurring Expenses

If you’d like to pay for the monthly rent, electricity, water, or other regularly occurring expenses, just give us a call at 815-227-9305 and we will arrange for that to occur.


4. Corporate Donation

The Jericho Project of Rockford is a faith-based ministry to the homeless, former offenders, and veterans. We provide transitional, long-term housing for men. We began our ministry in 2000. We provide intensive case management, emphasizing spiritual reconciliation, recovery management, continuing education, and job/career mentoring. We rely on the financial support of individuals and businesses. A large percent of The Jericho Project’s operating revenue comes from the generous contributions of individuals, businesses and corporations in our community. Today, The Jericho Project is essential to men in our community who need help to become responsible, productive members of society once again. The Jericho Project is a nonprofit, IRS designated 501(c)3 organization.


Our Accountant for these Corporate Donations is:

Mr. David McFaggen

Midwest Small Business Accounting & Tax Service






Our corporate donors can include organizations of all sizes - from large financial, health, and manufacturing businesses… to innovative technology driven companies… to traditional and specialty retailers…and business or organization that wishes to help. Help change a person’s live for the better and help them · Reconcile with God, self, the family and the community· Address outstanding legal issues· Successfully reestablish family relationships and means of restoration· Pursue and complete continuing education· Engage in recovery management programs· Learn household budgeting· Get employment through job and mentoring programs, including computer skills· and other practical life-skills Please contact Dr. Bill Gerber, the administrator of the Jericho Project and the Jericho House, at 815-227-9305 or to begin the process of your corporate donation or questions you may have.


Thank you!



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